Tamarind Tree Restaurant und Bar
Tamarind Tree Restaurant und Bar
The restaurant is an octagonal building, on top of the cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The kitchen offers a wide range of local Creole as well as international dishes, appetizers, snacks, salads and desserts prepared with fresh local ingredients.


Kubuli BeerThe locally brewed Kubuli Beer, one of the world`s best Lager beers, is served as Draft Beer only at The Tamarind Tree. [Kubuli Beer] MacoucherieThe Macoucherie Rum is the local Rum Distillation just on the opposite site of the E.O. Leblanc Highway in Macoucherie. You can get this rums as Ti'Punch, Homemade Rum Punch, Bush Rum or straight.


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Opening hours

Monday7.30 - 9.3011.30 -14.3016.30-22.00
Tuesday7.30 - 9.30closeddinner for hotel guests upon reservation
Wednesday7.30 - 9.3011.30 -14.3016.30-22.00
Thursday7.30 - 9.3011.30 -14.3016.30-22.00
Friday7.30 - 9.3011.30 -14.3016.30-22.00
Saturday7.30 - 9.3011.30 -14.3016.30-22.00
Sunday7.30 - 9.3011.30 -14.3016.30-22.00
for hotel guests
(visitors upon reservation)
subject to changes