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Hiking Package

Dominica has the only remaining virgin tropical rainforest in the Caribbean.

Over 60% of Dominica’s surface are covered by forest and 25% of the island are protected by either national parks or forest reserves. One of them, Morne Trois Piton National Park, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. Nine volcanoes, forming a barrier from north to south and rising up to 1’447m, make the island the one with the highest volcano density in the world. All volcanoes are dormant, not extinct.
Hiking package
Hiking package
On various hikes you come across sulphur springs, hot streams, fumaroles, waterfalls and not to forget one of our major hikes, where you visit Boiling Lake, the second largest of its kind in the world.

With no poisonous animals around but a fantastic variety of birds, bats, four different snakes, amphibians and tropical plants hiking in Dominica is simply a must.

The hikes are anywhere between two hours of easy walking and 7-8 hours of strenuous trekking and climbing on certain passages.

After the first day, when we take you to Middleham Fall you can choose from a number of hikes for the following days according to your preferences. For more information contact us.

Our 7-day all-inclusive package includes

  • 7 days at The Tamarind Tree Hotel & Restaurant
  • 5 days of guided hiking
  • all meals
  • selected drinks
  • Transfers (Airport/port – hotel)
  • service charge
  • VAT

Hiking package

1th dayHike to Middleham Fall: being part of the Morne Trois Piton National Park, a Unesco World Heritage Site, the Middleham Fall is the tallest of Dominicas numerous water falls.
From the starting point in Sylvania the trail leads directly into the tropical rainforest. Hike for about two hours and experience the only remaining virgin rainforest in the Caribbean. A short descent takes you down to the platform, from where you enjoy a spectacular view of the impressive 80m cascade falling down into a pool. The brave climb down the rocks and get a very refreshing bath in the pool. Picnic lunch. Back on the main trail you continue the hike to Laudat. Visit of the Trafalgar Falls in the afternoon.
4th dayHave a lazy morning and an early lunch before you go whale watching. The boat takes you out into the Caribbean Sea off the west coast where a large population of sperm whales lives all year round. Pilot, false orca and ,rarely, beak whales as well as five different species of dolphins can also be seen. It takes some luck to see humpbacks during the months of March and April.
6th dayNote: Boiling Lake is a strenuous hike of 6 – 8 hours.
Today you hike to Boiling Lake, the largest of its kind in the world. On the way you hike through five different zones of tropical vegetation and cross the unique Valley of Desolation. Have a picnic lunch above the boiling waters and enjoy the spectacle of the constantly changing scenery.
On the way back bathe in natural jacuzzies and end your hike with a swim in the Titou Gorge.